Pulsating Organ Perfusion

Where team training becomes


Pulsating Organ Perfusion


performance in the operating room


Minimally Invasive Surgery Training

Outcome of advanced

laparoscopic procedures

depends on teamwork

Pulsatile Organ Perfusion

highly motivated surgeons

The P.O.P Trainer provides the
most efficient and realistic laparoscopic
skills training available

High performance skills come with repetition of the tasks.
With the Pulsating Organ Perfusion Trainer procedures can be practiced as often as required to reach the necessary proficiency level.

P.O.P replaces animal experiments

Previously, animal experiments were the only adequate means of practicing clinical operations. Using P.O.P Trainers, trainees work on perfused animal organs, performing standard and advanced laparoscopic procedures in a most realistic way. Hemorrhagic complications are simulated, and engaging exercises help to teach bimanual dexterity and eye-hand coordination. At the same time depth perception aids in adjusting to the fulcrum effect.

P.O.P Operation Simulation according to Szinicz

Animal organs or organ complexes are perfused with colored fluid by means of an electronically regulated and pressure-controlled pump. In this way, the perfusion of organs can be optimally imitated. Thanks to P.O.P trainers, the great gap between basic training and animal experiments can be closed, guaranteeing efficient high-quality training in minimally invasive surgery.